Discipline and safety in schools
U.S. Department of Education

Discipline and safety in schools

I am concerned about discipline and safety in our schools. Where can I get information and assistance?

Policies on school discipline are decided mainly by your local schools, school district, and state.  Your first step is to contact your school district or state department of education
School safety is a priority for the U.S. Department of Education. The following resources provide information on school safety, order and related topics: 

  • The Office of Safe and Healthy Students (OSHS) administers, coordinates, and recommends policy for improving the quality and excellence of programs for drug and violence prevention, activities that promote the health and well-being of students in elementary and secondary schools and institutions of higher education, and citizenship and civics education. 
  • The Readiness and Emergency Management Technical Assistance Center - supports schools, school districts, and institutions of higher education (IHEs), by providing a hub of information, resources, training, and services in the field of school and higher education emergency operations planning.
  • A number of federal agencies provide useful information on related topics.
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