School Ambassador Fellowship Program
U.S. Department of Education

School Ambassador Fellowship Program

What is the School Ambassador Fellowship Program and how do I apply?
The U.S. Department of Education created the School Ambassador Fellowship program as one means of recognizing the critical impact educators have on student outcomes and school success. Teachers, principals and other school staff members understand better than anyone the rewards of public education, as well as the need for some dramatic improvements.
School staff members provide vital leadership in classrooms and schools, but too often lack opportunities to contribute their knowledge to the development of education policy on a broader scale. The U.S. Department of Education designed the School Ambassador Fellowship program to enable outstanding teachers, principals and other school leaders, like school counselors, to bring their school and classroom expertise to the Department and to expand their knowledge of the national dialogue about education. In turn, School Ambassador Fellows facilitate the learning and input of other educators and community members.
For more information on how the Fellowship works, please see our Program Overview.

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