President’s Education Awards Program (PEAP)
U.S. Department of Education

President’s Education Awards Program (PEAP)

What is the President’s Education Awards Program? What are the criteria for the awards and how does a school obtain them?

The President's Education Awards Program (PEAP) honors student success and hard work. The President and the U.S. Secretary of Education recognize students who have met challenging standards of excellence. The program includes two types of awards:

• President's Award for Educational Excellence

• President's Award for Educational Achievement

President's Educational Excellence Award

The President's Educational Excellence Award honors academic success in the classroom, based on the following criteria:

• a student's GPA

• standardized test performance

• recommendations from teachers and staff members

President's Educational Achievement Award

The President's Educational Achievement Award honors students that do not meet the standards for the President's Award for Educational Excellence but do show educational growth, improvement, commitment, or intellectual development in their academic subjects.

Schools develop the criteria for this award. Criteria may include:

• tremendous academic growth

• commitment to learning despite obstacles

• demonstrated achievement in the arts

Details on eligibility requirements are available on the website.

Schools can order awards online, by phone, e-mail or fax from the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP).

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