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Secretary of Education

How can I find a list of individuals who have served as U.S. Secretary of Education?

The U.S. Department of Education was established as a cabinet level agency in 1980.  Since that time the following individuals have served as U.S. Secretary of Education:
Shirley M. Hufstedler (1979-1981)
Terrel H. Bell (1981-1984)
William J. Bennett (1985-1988)
Lauro F. Cavazos (1988-1990)
Lamar Alexander (1991-1993)
Richard W. Riley (1993-2000)
Roderick Paige (2001-2005) 
Margaret Spellings (2005-2009) 
Arne Duncan (2009-2015)
John B. King Jr. (2016-2017)
Betsy DeVos (2017-present)


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