Federal Work-Study Program
U.S. Department of Education

Federal Work-Study Program

What is work-study?
The Federal Work-Study Program(FWS) provides funds for part-time employment to help needy students finance the costs of postsecondary education.
Students may be employed by: the institution itself; a federal, state, or local public agency; a private nonprofit organization; or a private for-profit organization.
In order to be apply, students must file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as part of the application process for FWS assistance. The FAFSA can be completed on the Web at https://fafsa.ed.gov/  .
Additional information about the Federal Work-Study Program can be accessed here: http://studentaid.ed.gov/types/work-study . This is a campus based program, and as such, it may not be available in all schools.


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